Friday, February 18, 2011

Eating Underwater

I summarised a reading in the magazine Wacky But True and found out;
In Maldives sea 5 metres deep under water there is a restaurant called Ithaa where
people eat while watching fish swim around the restaurant which is filled with sand Ballust and is tied to four steel piles to keep it under water.

I wondered how the people got up and down to the restaurant.

I found out;
A New Zealander designed it, access is made to it by a spiral staircase which was damaged in the 2004 tsunami, you can sleep there for $11 710 a night.

By Lewis

Monday, February 14, 2011

How do people demonstrate good manners?

Take off there shoes. Say thank you. Make your bed. Say please. Take your dishes to the bench. Eat with your mouth shut. Ring the door bell or knock before entering. Don't swirl people. Look at the speaker. Flush the toilet. Don't slurp while drinking. Let ladies go first. Wash your hands when you have been toilet. Put the toilet seat down. Don't start eating until host say start. Put your hand up when wanting to speak. Spray when you have used the toilet. Listen to the teacher. Listen to your parents. Listen to someone when there talking. don't give people brown eyes. Eat Your Own Food. Don't be rude.  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who really cares if we use our manners?

We wondered; What where rude things people did?

wet willy's,not saying thank you,farting,talking when someone else is talking,pointing,armpit farts,spreading rumours,streakers,burping,cutting in line,sneezing without covering your mouth,annoying people,not flushing,sneezing on someone,swearing,speaking loudly,calling out,spitting,whispering,yawning when someone is talking to you,re-facing of other peoples property,using you outside voice inside,brown eye,funny noises,poking people,pink eyes, running around inside, play with the balls inside,running in front of cars, armpit farts,leaving toilet seat up when there is a girl in the house,stealing,spiting,interrupting,farts without saying pardon, burping without saying pardon,nudity,ding-dong ditch,vandalism,not saying please-hi-bye,littering,flashing,being naughty,eating with your mouth open,not listening,gosiping,