Monday, October 31, 2011

Relay Baton Changes

With school, inter-school athletics, and the Forbes and Tippet competition coming up we had a big focus on the baton change necessary for successful relays today.

 We know ...
  •  that the arm is not directly behind the body, but slightly to the side
  • that the arm is fully extended and held steady
  • that the palm faces up 
  • if we are running anti-clockwise we have the baton in our right hand
  • if we are running clockwise we have the baton in our left hand
  • that when we run the baton is held upright (as if we were keeping the scoop on our ice-cream)

Friday, October 28, 2011

On This Day, 27 November 1901

Paris, France.  Three men go into a shop and rob it.  
What was unique about this crime in 1901?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Uncontrollable Bodily Funcitons

We are going to investigate, through reading and science, uncontrollable bodily functions.

We have already begun looking at eructation.  Below are some others we might investigate;

farting, breathing, blinking, snoring, diarrhoea, sneezing, yawning, vomiting, coughing, balding, growing hair, bleeding, bladder movements, snot, growing, thinking, constipation, ear wax, tears, itching, hiccuping, twitching, dreaming, toe nails, seizure, heart attack, shrinking, being hungry, being thirsty

Do you know what eructation is?  What other uncontrollable bodily functions can you think of?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rugby World Cup - Statistics that we think would be interesting to know

How many people were at Eden Park on Sunday, who initially supported their home country, were supporting the All Blacks?
How many people went to the toilet at half time during the World Cup final?
How many people made a bet for Tony Woodcock to score the first try in the final?
How many Rugby World cup novelty items were sold during the cup?
How many people walked to the final?
How many swear words were used by viewers of the final?
How many people missed out on World Cup rugby tickets?
How many players got stitches during the RWC rugby games?
How many houses around the world, including NZ, flew All Black flags?
How many people cried when the All Blacks won the World Cup?
How many people prayed in churches for the All Blacks to win the World Cup?
How many teams supported the All Blacks?
How many litres of beer was sold during the World Cup Event?

These are a few of our thoughts.  What would you like to know?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Imagine If Poems

Can you imagine
Ref without a whistle
playing fields with thistles 
Rugby without a ball
Tackles without a maul
Fields without lights 
Games without fights 
Boots without sprigs
Refs with funny wigs
Games with a forward pass
Ground without grass
Refs without cards 
Players without a mouthguard  
A team without boots 
Grandstand without hoots. 
By Daniel

RWC Kicking Percentages

We have had a challenge issued to us from a follower to find the kicking percentages for the countries competing in the RWC.

The source we used gave the number of penalties, conversions and accuracy percentage so we had to find how many attempts were made.  We noticed that our source did not give us Daniel Carters (New Zealand) successful attempts and because we do not know all the kickers for the other teams our numbers are only approximate attempts from the data we had to work with.

In pool D there is
South Africa

Nambia scored 6 out of 15 kicks or 40% approx.
Fiji  scored 9 out of 11 or 82% approx.
Samoa scored 8 out of 12 or 67% approx.
South Africa scored 19 out of 23 or 83% approx.
Wales scored 11 out of 12 or 92% approx.

By Jeff and Dom

In pool B there is

Argentina scored 7 out of 14 kicks or 50% approx
England scored 20 out 34 kicks or 59% approx
Georgia scored 10 out of 19 kicks or 53% approx
Romania scored 10 out of 13 or 77% approx
Scotland scored 8 out of 12 or 63% approx

By Shane and Corey

In pool C there is

Ireland scored 9 out of 19 kicks or 84% approx
Italy scored 2 out of 13 kicks or 64% approx
U.S.A scored 2 out of 8 kicks or 63% approx
Australia scored 12 out of 18 kicks or 78% approx
Russia scored 4 out of 9 kicks or 63% approx

By Shaun and James.

In pool A is
New Zealand

Canada scored 6 out of 12 kicks or 50% approx
France scored 13 out of 16 kicks or 81% approx
Japan scored 9 out of 14 kicks or 64% approx
New Zealand scored 20 out of 28 kicks or 71% approx
Tonga scored 17 out of 25 kicks or 68% approx

By Willis and logan.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pool A-R.W.C 2011

New Zealand

Over all for pool A the
Mean is 29.75
Mode is 23-19
Median is 22
Range is 76

From these results New Zealand will play Argentina and France will play England
We think that New Zealand and Australia will make the semi final
By Logan , Willis and Sam. 

Pool D-RWC 2011

South Africa

Over all for pool D the
Mean is 27
Mode is 49
Median is 43.5
Range is 87.

From these results South Africa will play Australia and Wales will play Ireland in the quarter finals.
We think that South Africa will play New Zealand in the semi finals 1.

By Jeff and Dom

Pool B RWC scores

The teams in pool b are Argentina

After the pool is finished the mean is 19.6, the median is 13, the range is 64 and the mode is 25

Who do you think have the best chance of getting to the finals. We think England do.  From pool b England and Argentina got through to the quarter finals. We think Argentina will lose to the All Blacks and England will beat France.

By Shane and Corey