Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Fight!

The parking lot was as empty as a desert
the Socs and Greasers walked towards each other
like magnets drawn towards a fridge
the first blow was to a Greaser
the rumble began
the noise was louder than an
amplifier blasting music
people are trying to strangle, punch and kick
some are knocked out cold
everyone fighting desperately 
the Socs run away like a bullet from a gun
at last the Greasers have won.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Below are the remaining animations from our first attempt at using I Can Animate.

We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Some of these animations have 123 photos for 10 seconds of movie.  A lot of patience was required!! This is Zair's and Maehe's animation This is Jordan's and Hayden's animation This is Sam and Puke's animation

This is Adam and Josh's animation This is Mayka and Liam's animation

Should Lance Armstrong have his Tour de France Titles Stripped?

Lance Armstrong Should be stripped of his 7 titles because other people have lost their chances to win a title because of him.
Lance Armstrorng should not have his tittles stripped off him because they have no proof that he has done drugs before and they should have caught him earlier.
Yes he should be stripped of his titles because he has taken away other competitors chances at victory by cheating.
Lance Armstrong shouldn't be stripped of his tittles because they don't know how long he's been using the drugs.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Viking Competition

As part of the Viking Market Day to be held in Dannevirke tomorrow education centres in Dannevirke were challenged to decorate a viking. Nythanealle, Daniel and Rania were given the responsibility of decorating the Viking for Huia Range School.

We think they did a great job.  Now we hope that the weather calms down enough for the public to attend market day and so that our Vikings do not blow away.

Experiencing Animation

Today we had our first attempt at animation with the software I Can Animate.  We used the iPads to create these short animation.  We think they are pretty good considering this is our first attempt at animation!!

Below is Jakahn's and Conscious's animation. Below is Jay-dee's and Tyson's animation Keep your eyes open for more animations to come.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Soap Power

Our next bubble experiment was Soap Power.  It was was an experiment where we made a little boat, put it in some water in a bowl, and put dishwashing liquid in the engine.

The result was the boat speeding through the water for a few seconds and then stopping. If you tried it again in the same water, it would just sink. The reason it moved through the water was because the dishwashing liquid would break up the water molecules making the boat move forward. The reason it didn't work the second time was because there was already dishwashing liquid that had broken up the water.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why 1/8 is smaller than 1/6

We have been looking into the size of unit fractions. Conscious knows that 1/8 is smaller than 1/6

Monday, September 17, 2012

18 Christchurch Schools to Merge

Today we looked at the governments plan to close 13 schools and merge another 18 in the Christchurch area.  As we are a merged school (Dannevirke Hillcrest and Dannevirke North) we looked at the challenges these schools have ahead of them during and after the merge.  Below, in no particular order, are our thoughts;

  1. naming the school
  2. deciding on the site
  3. closing the other schools
  4. deciding on uniforms
  5. merging cultures
  6. making new friends 
  7. bullies
  8. new teachers
  9. distance from home to new school
  10. adjusting to a new school
  11. money
  12. reemploying staff
  13. creating mottos
  14. deciding on what resources to keep or get rid of
  15. hiring builders
  16. deciding on logos/emblems
  17. what curriculum to use
  18. class sizes
  19. voting on a BOT
  20. celebrating special days/important events to specific schools
Have you been involved in a merger - school or business?  What challenges did you face or what other challenges do you think these schools are going to come across

Although we were faced with many challenges early on we think our merged school is now terrific!!  We wish these Christchurch schools the best of luck.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bubble Duet

Knowing that bubbles are fill of air we wanted to find out how bubbles affect each other.  Daniel's diagram shows the experiment we carried out so we could observe related bubbles.

Below are photos of us carrying out the experience to observe how bubbles relate to one another.

We know that bubbles that are related affect each other.  One bubble will suck the air out of the other bubble therefore one bubble gets smaller whereas the other bubble gets bigger.Posted by Picasa

How Bubbles Form

For science this term we are relating the observed chemical and physical properties of bubbles.  To achieve this we are working together to build on prior experiences when sharing and examining new knowledge.

After participating in the experiment we discussed our observations on what bubbles are and how they form.  Below is Tyson's diagram showing the experiment.

Below are photos of us blowing bubbles and then making observations on what bubbles are.

We know that bubbles are globs of air or gas inside a hollow liquid ball.  The detergent forms are skin to trap the air.  

Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Number Bonds to 1000

We have been looking at a strategy to solve number bonds this week. Conscious used the iPad and the app "Show Me' to explain how to solve these type of problems.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Should Christchurch get a new stadium

We have looked at the pros and cons of Christchurch getting a new stadium.  We then used the pros and cons to draw a personal opinion on Christchurch getting a new stadium.

                    PROS                                                                   CONS
Wowed                                                    No economic argument for having a stadium
Beautiful                                                  Large investment for peak events that come around very rarely
City benefits by                                       Black holes for massive amounts of public money
$1m for every major event                       Rate payers can't afford them
World class attraction                           
Luxury for a city experiencing hardship  

I think Christchurch should build a stadium but not now.  First they should spend the money on rebuilding residential areas.
I think they should not build a new stadium because Christchurch will be low on money and they wouldn't have any money for the people.
I think they shouldn't rebuild the stadium because there is more stuff to worry about but maybe they should rebuild it in the future.

I don't think they should build a stadium.  They still need to rebuild Christchurch and still have to repair the 25% of houses that still don't have plumbing and power.

I think they should build the stadium but after 95% of the houses are rebuilt.

I think they should recreate the AMI stadium because the Crusaders are the only Super 15 team that doesn't have a home stadium.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Should Beneficiaries Be Drug Tested?

Today we shared our opinion on the governments plan to drug test beneficiaries. We first had to look at who qualified as a beneficiary.

 Doing the drug testing is a good idea because drugs are illegal in New Zealand anyway. 

I think the government should test.  It's not fair for the employees who do an honest days work when beneficiaries their benefits on drugs.

I think the government should drug test beneficiaries for drugs because people similar to my mum and dad work an honest day while beneficiaries use their money on drugs.

I think drug testing is a good idea because it will stop people drugging.  Some people are completely honest and work hard to feed their families.

What are your thoughts on drug testing beneficiaries?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Multiplying a Fraction By A Fraction

Sam used the Show Me programme on the iPad to explain how to find a fraction of a fraction this morning.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Should They Stay of Should They Go?

We looked at New Zealand Peacekeepers and whether they should be going to Afganistan or staying in New Zealand.  Lots of us didn't know what the role of a peacekeeper was, so we did a short reading and produced a web.

From here we read an the news article New Zealand Troops to stay in Afganistan and shared our views.  Below are some of our view points.

I think NZ troops should come home because so many peacekeepers are getting killed and it’s not our countries fight also were not getting anything out of it apart from losing peacekeepers but NZ troops are still doing a good job.

I think NZ troops should stay in Afganistan so that NZ can keep on training Afganistan army to help their own country.

I think the NZ peacekeepers should stay so they can support the Afganistan army and police to become self sufficient in looking after their own people and country.

I reckon NZ troops should come back because they are putting their lives at risk just because they train Afgan people how to take care of their country

I think New Zealand peacekeepers  should go to Afganistan so they can  teach people to protect their own country, this then would enable the NZ peacekeepers to come home.

I think NZ peacekeepers should stay in Afganistan because the are trying to train Afganistan people to be self-sufficent.

I think new zealand should go because they are peacekeepers and they are training people to become policemen because previous afganistan policemen passed away.

I think that NZ peacekeepers should stay and give Afangistan people more protection and to keep training their police force.

 I reckon New Zealand peacekeepers  shouldn’t stay in Afganistan because soldiers are dying and New Zealand doesn’t need to have anything to do with Afganistan.

I think that NZ peacekeepers should go to help Afganistan to support and train them as policemen to look after themselves and their country.

What are your thoughts on New Zealand peacekeepers being in Afganistan?