Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some of our CHALLENGES at school for 2012

Win cross country. (Hayden)
Stay at school all year. (Jordan R)
Be a school leader.(DANIEL)
Be at road patrol.(Puke)
Get better at writing(Liam)
Get better at cross country(Jakahn)
Get the alrounder award(Willis)
Get the citizenship award(Devon)
Try win athletics(Judah)
Get better at Athletics and cross country (Jordan)
Hand in my home work on time (Sam)
Finish in the top ten in cross country(Adam)
Win dux,(Nythanealle)
Come in the top five Cross Country.(Conscious)
To become school leader(Shane)
To do better in work(Maeha)
To do the best I can (Josh)
Compete in 1 of the swiming races (Zair)
Try and win swimming cross county and athletics (Jaydee)
Get better at swimming(Mayka)

What are some challenges your are going to face in 2012?