Monday, February 27, 2012

How do you become part of the circus

Last week I was reading To the Circus and I wondered how do you become part of the circus? So I researched about it and this is what I found out.

You can actually get a degree for joining the circus. You can also get in if you have an extraordinary talent and want to break out of your usual work routine. There are also circus schools which in addition to attending these and getting formal training for your talent, you'll need to open up your schedule for traveling around the clock.

Circus life is not actually as carefree or glamorous as it may appear. It involves lots of hard work and sacrifice. You'll have to move into a circus trailer, which may be located next to the scary lion trailer or even worse, the foul smelling elephant trailer. Marriage between circus folk is common, and kids often travel with the crew and get schooled by their performing parents. So if you join the circus, you'll inherit a very special family.

If you joined the circus what act would you like to be?

By Shane

Thursday, February 23, 2012

How many orangutans get shot every year

We have been reading Running Wild and Will comes across a clearing where orangutans live. Within hours of Will and Onna arriving there hunters open fire on the orangutans, shooting 15 mothers and kidnapping their babies. I wanted to investigate how many orangutans are shot every year.

Three thousand orangutans get shot every year in Indonesia. Mother orangutans get shot because poaches shoot them so they can sell their babies for pets.

I think that hunters of orangutans should face imprisonment for life.
What is your view on hunters killing orangutans and selling their babies for pets?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What sort of animals are there in Indonesia?

In our class we have been reading running wild and the setting is in Indonesia and I was just wondering what other animals live in Indonesia
There are tones of animals like Tigers, Monkeys and there are tones of species for fish.

What are their native animals?
The Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Orangutan and the Deer-Pig

Are there any extinct animals and if there are what are they?
Yes, the Bali tiger, Bos palaesondaicus, Double banded argus, Flores cave rat, Javan tiger,  Leptoptilos robustus and the Verhoevens giant tree rats.

What are there Vicious animals?
The Tiger of course, the Coral snake, Branded Krait, Black spitting cobra, Malayan pit viper, Sea snake, Blue temple viper and the toxic caterpillar.

Do you know how many animals there are inhabited in Indonesia?


when did school first start?

An olden day school in the early 1940s.
I chose this topic because I wanted to know out how far back our learning and education goes.

When did school first start?                                                                                                                           research shows that primary schools first open in 425 AD.
Where did school first start?
In Ancient Greece, Rome, India, and Ancient China.
You can go to school at the age of 5
but it is compulsory to go to school at the age of 6

Do all schools start and finish at the same time?

What is the N.A.T.O Alphabet?

I wanted to learn more about the interesting Nato alphabet.

The N.A.T.O Alphabet is like our alphabet but instead of using letters it uses words.
This is what it looks like

  • Letter - Code

  • A - ALFA                                                           What is the N.A.T.O Alphabet used for?

  • B - BRAVO                                                        The N.A.T.O Alphabet is used to avoid 

  • C - CHARLIE                                                     confusion between letters that sound 

  • D - DELTA                                                         similar e.g. ''n'' and ''m'' or ''b'' and ''d''

  • E - ECHO


  • G - GOLF

  • H - HOTEL

  • I - INDIA                                                            Who uses the N.A.T.O Alphabet?
  • J - JULIETT                                                        The N.A.T.O Alphabet is used by

  • K - KILO                                                             The army ,air force ,marines some

  • L - LIMA                                                             police and businesses 

  • M - MIKE


  • O - OSCAR

  • P - PAPA

  • Q - QUEBEC

  • R - ROMEO

  • S - SIERRA

  • T - TANGO


  • V - VICTOR


  • X - XRAY                                                         Can you remember the N.A.T.O Alphabet 

  • Y - YANKEE                                                    and spell your name using it?

  • Z - ZULU          

  • Jordan 

    Why Are Elephant Scared Of Mice

    We did this research on elephants because we think elephants are a pretty cool creature.

    Why are elephants scared of mice?  
    Because they are small and make funny noises                              
    What do elephant eats?
    Elephants eats grass and leaves
    How many elephants are there  in the word?
    There is over 6000

    Do you know what an elephants tasks are made of?

    Jordan & Mayka

    what is a gibbon ?

    We have been reading Running Wild and Will sees lots of gibbons in the jungle.  I didn't know what a gibbon was.

    A gibbon is a sort of monkey that plays around we have been learning about gibbons and this what we learnt.
    What do they eat ? they eat plants and meat
    What colour it is ? blueish grey
    Where do they live ? South Africa
    How tall are they ? 90cm and weigh 7kg

    Do you know what there afraid of?


    What is a cicada

    We have been reading Running Wild and Will is becoming annoyed by all the insects.  The cicada is especially noisy.  I didn't know much about the cicada so I did a little research.

    What is it?Its a cicada.
    Were dose the cicada live?The cicada lives in tree's.
    What do cicada eat?Cicada eat tomato plants.
    Interesting fact?Cicada nymphs suckle on a tree root during 13 or 17 years underground.Once they emerge the adults.

    Do you know what temperature it needs to be for a cicada too come out?


    What is a gibbon

    We have been reading Running Wild and Will hears and sees the gibbon often.  I didn't know what a gibbon was so I went about finding out.

    Where do they live? the gibbons live in THailland Vetnen and South asia.
    What do they eat? they eat fruit.
    What family do they belong to? they belong to mother apes

    Do you no where gibbons come from?


    Buffalo facts

    I have an interest in buffalos and wanted to find out more.

    What does it eat? grass
    Where do they live? USA
    How fast are they? they can run up2 30mph
    Is it a mammal? yes
    What is the groups name? herd
    How tall are they? 6ft and 2m man

    Do you think they live any where else in the world?


    Where is Indonesia in the World

    We have been reading Running Wild where Will is lost in an Indonesian jungle.  We wondered where Indonesia was

    What oceans border Indonesia?  The Pacific and the Indian ocean                                          

    How many volcanoes are in Indonesia?  147

    What kind of big cats live in Indonesia? The sumatran Tiger, Panthera Tigris and the casual Tiger

    Interesting fact 
    The Japanese invaded and occupied Indonesia in World War II
    Indonesia Location Map 

    Do you what event happened, on a boxing day, to change Indonesia forever?

    By Devon & Hayden

    Do Wolves and Coyotes live in Indonesia

    We have been reading Running Wild where Will is in the jungle.  We wondered if there were wolves and coyotes in the jungles of Indonesia.

    Do wolves and coyotes live in Indonesia?
    Coyotes don't live in Indonesia but, they do live in North America, Alaska, Canada,Mexico and Washington DC.

    What are known as timber wolves can live in Indonesia. Other types of wolves live in places like Alaska, Russia, Canada, Greenland and Iceland.

    What have wolves and coyotes evolved from?

    Many Biologists believe the wolves evolved from primitive carnivores known as miacids which ranged from gopher to dog sized animals.

    The coyote evolved from it's ancestor the miacas since about 40 million years ago.

    What is the difference between a wolf and a coyote?

    Wolves are bigger, have thicker, lighter fur.

    Coyotes are darker and smaller.

    Do you know any animals that do live in the jungles of Indonesia?

    Shane & Puke

    Chris Sandow

    My friends have been talking about Chris Sandow and I didn't know who he was so I thought I would find out?

    Who is Chris Sandow? nrl player
    Where dose Chris Sandow live? Parramatta
    What dose he eat? British sausages and veg
    Interesting facts he's changing teams he's
    only 80 kg

    Do you know which team Chris Sandow is changing to?


    where is indonesia

     Over 238 million people live in indonesia.The fourth most populate country in the world.

    How endangered are orangutans

    We have been reading Running Wild.  There is an orangutan that appears following Oona and Will on their journey through the jungle.  I wanted to know how many orangutans are left in the wild.

    What is an orangutans?
    An orangutan is a exclusively Asian genus of an extant ape.

    Were dose the orangutans live?
    They live in sumatra and borneo.

    What do they eat?
    Primarily fruit, young leaves, bark, flowers, insects and birds eggs.

    How many are left in the wild?
    7000 but there are 60,000

    Did you know orangutans are highly intelligent and use tools: they will poke twigs into holes to catch insects chew up leafs and use them as sponges and use branches and sticks to to test the depth of water be
     four entering it.

    Do you know what family orangutangs from?


    What is a gibbon ?

    In room 11 we have been reading a book called Running Wild 
    and I heard the word gibbon. I didn't know what a gibbon was so I researched
    what a gibbon was and this is what I found.

    What is a gibbon?
    A gibbon is like a small ape with long arms.

    where do gibbons live?
    There home is in the rainforest because they love swinging on branches and trees. 

    what do gibbons eat?
    Gibbons feed on fruits,insects and some baby birds or eggs.

    What animal family?
    Gibbons come from the ape family there like apes put much smaller.

    Do you know what countries gibbons come from?

    By Daniel. 

    What is a gibbon?

    Gibbons are small, slender,long armed,tree-dwelling apes that live in south east Asia.Gibbons are apes in the family Hylobatidae. Gibbons can grasp and carry things with there hands and feet. They only have four fingers. Gibbons are omnivores which means they eat both plants and meat.

    Waxing And Waning Of The Moon

    We have been reading Running Wild and Will knows he has been in the jungle for months because the moon has been waxing and waning.  I wanted to know what waxing and waning was.

    Waxing was is a transitive verb means to grow in size where as wane means to shrink in size .
    In terms of the moon phases, waxing means getting fuller, going towards a  full moon.
    Waning is the opposite, getting thinner, going towards a new moon

    Can you tell if the moon is waxing or waning at the moment?


    The Year A.D

    In our class we are going to look at Crimes and Punishments through the ages.  We got talking about crimes and punishments BC and AD.  We didn't know what AD meant so we set ourselves a little challenge to find out.

    What does the year A.D mean?

    Its latin anno domino, which means the year of our

    Do you know what BC means?

    Tamai & Conscious

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    Our New Year Resoultions

    Behaviours we are going to look at improving this year are:

    To litsen to my learning buddy more. (Judah)
    To get better at academics and sporty stuff (Jordan Hardie)
    To come back to class as soon as the bell rings (Sam)
    To stay focussed(Adam)
    Be responsible(Maehe)
    To listen better(Shane)
    Stay on task (Zair)
    To be patient (Josh)
    To be kind to others(Nythanealle)
    To read more offten(Conscious)
    To have better time management (Willis)
    To have no absent days (Devon)
    To keep my books tidy (Hayden)
    To practice my basic facts (Daniel)
    To use appropriate language (Jay-dee)
    To return to class promptly when the bell rings (Mayka)

    What were your new resolutions?