Monday, June 4, 2012

Master Chefs

On Friday Mrs Setford and myself judged the boys cooking that they had made at technology. What a difficult job it was! The food was fantastic.  Shame we only got to taste it!!  The winners were Willis and Maehe. The brief was to use mince and at least three vegetables/fruit. All groups got 10/10 for meeting the brief criteria!

Our Master Chefs
Willis & Maehe

Sam made meatballs on couscous

Jordan and Mayka made Shepards Pie

Willis and Maehe made lasagne

Jakahn & Jay-dee made tacos

Tamai & Devon made tropical nachos

Jordan made taco nachos

Sam's meatballs served on couscous

 Jordan & Mayka's Shepards Pie

Jakahn & Jay-dee's taco

Willis and Maehe's lasagne

Devon & Tamai's Tropical Nachos

                  Jordan's taco nachos

If you are interested Room 11 chefs could possibly share their recipes with you or you have some great mince recipes you would like to share with us

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