Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Little Bit of History!!


We are reading Pirates and Plunder in class.  We are at the part where the English have got into position to shoot at the French ships (who don't know the British ships are there).  Four of the pirates, Grundle, Hope, Jones and Isaac, are complaining about being on the ship but do not want to jump ship near the Sahara desert for fear of the tribesmen cutting them to pieces.

It is true that French soldiers who landed with Napoleon were terrified of being lost in the desert.  They thought that the tribes would cut off their bits and probably end up by cutting off their heads.

Napoleon had had 900 Egyptian rebels beheaded and he had their heads roll out on the street in front of the Egyptians as a lesson.

Why had Napoleon done this?

Just as the battle between the French and British was to begin a French FRIGATE sailed towards the British.

What is a frigate?

This story is set in 1789 aboard the British warship Goliath which has shot the French frigate Serieuse.  Could either of these war ships be factual?


We had watched a video clip from BrainPop about apartheid and then wrote explanations on what apartheid was.  Daniel then used the paragraphs from his explanation to put together a keynote presentation.  This is his presentation

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olympic torch

1.The Olympic Torch relay began its first full day in London on Saturday marking the start of the final week long countdown to the opening of 2012 games.

2.It is about 30 inches and its made out of aluminum and has a small fuel tank and its fueled by propylene.

3.The torch gets to the Olympic Stadium by a relay team.

4.The Torch bearer runs up the steps and lights the flame and thats when the Olympic's start

Jakahn Lilo Maru. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Olympic Stadium

This is my timeline that I did on Time Toast with my reading group. It is about the Olympic Stadiums, in what year the country hosted it and what it was called. Devon

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympic Stadiums Timeline

Judah has read about Olympic Game Stadiums that have been used for the modern summer Olympics throughout history. Below is his timeline and the name of the stadium used in each country. (please note that the actual month and day date may not be technically correct, however the year is). Do you know the name of the 2012 stadium that is being used to host the Summer Olympics?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Curiosity (robot car)

We have just learnt about Curiosity (a robot car landing on mars). This is my image of how it would land.

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Curiosity on Mars

Today for our current event we have learnt about Curiosity (a robot car) that is going to land on mars. We have had to draw a digram in our books today that showed our understanding of how Curiosity is going to land on Mars.

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How the Curiosity will land

We have just learnt  about  the Curiosity ( a robot car ) going to land on Mars . This is my Illustration of how I think the robot car will land on Mars.

By Daniel Benbow.kiwikidsnews
How do you think the Curiosity       
will land on Mars ?

The Curiosity

Today we have read about the Curiosity (kiwikidsnews) which is a robot car that is going to land on Mars.
This is my vision of how the Curiosity will land on Mars.
By Shane Boyce
After reading the article how would you imagine the Curiosity landing on Mars?