Friday, August 31, 2012

Should Beneficiaries Be Drug Tested?

Today we shared our opinion on the governments plan to drug test beneficiaries. We first had to look at who qualified as a beneficiary.

 Doing the drug testing is a good idea because drugs are illegal in New Zealand anyway. 

I think the government should test.  It's not fair for the employees who do an honest days work when beneficiaries their benefits on drugs.

I think the government should drug test beneficiaries for drugs because people similar to my mum and dad work an honest day while beneficiaries use their money on drugs.

I think drug testing is a good idea because it will stop people drugging.  Some people are completely honest and work hard to feed their families.

What are your thoughts on drug testing beneficiaries?


  1. Wow you guys are investigating some tough subjects. I too believe that drug testing on beneficiaries is a good thing. If they are unable to work for any reason then they should be accountable for what they ARE spending the money on. It is money 'given' to them rather than earned.

    I recognize that at times in our lives we all need the help and support that these benefits provide but they are there to help feed our children rather than to feed our habits.

  2. I totally agree that Government should drug test because it will stop people drugging. It will increase the efficiency of employees as well as, due to compulsory drug test.

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