Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Should They Stay of Should They Go?

We looked at New Zealand Peacekeepers and whether they should be going to Afganistan or staying in New Zealand.  Lots of us didn't know what the role of a peacekeeper was, so we did a short reading and produced a web.

From here we read an the news article New Zealand Troops to stay in Afganistan and shared our views.  Below are some of our view points.

I think NZ troops should come home because so many peacekeepers are getting killed and it’s not our countries fight also were not getting anything out of it apart from losing peacekeepers but NZ troops are still doing a good job.

I think NZ troops should stay in Afganistan so that NZ can keep on training Afganistan army to help their own country.

I think the NZ peacekeepers should stay so they can support the Afganistan army and police to become self sufficient in looking after their own people and country.

I reckon NZ troops should come back because they are putting their lives at risk just because they train Afgan people how to take care of their country

I think New Zealand peacekeepers  should go to Afganistan so they can  teach people to protect their own country, this then would enable the NZ peacekeepers to come home.

I think NZ peacekeepers should stay in Afganistan because the are trying to train Afganistan people to be self-sufficent.

I think new zealand should go because they are peacekeepers and they are training people to become policemen because previous afganistan policemen passed away.

I think that NZ peacekeepers should stay and give Afangistan people more protection and to keep training their police force.

 I reckon New Zealand peacekeepers  shouldn’t stay in Afganistan because soldiers are dying and New Zealand doesn’t need to have anything to do with Afganistan.

I think that NZ peacekeepers should go to help Afganistan to support and train them as policemen to look after themselves and their country.

What are your thoughts on New Zealand peacekeepers being in Afganistan?

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  1. I am torn.... I want our soldiers safe but I also think that the work they are doing with the Afganistan people is very important as well.

    I am impressed with your well thought out comments on this subject. Well done!