Monday, September 17, 2012

18 Christchurch Schools to Merge

Today we looked at the governments plan to close 13 schools and merge another 18 in the Christchurch area.  As we are a merged school (Dannevirke Hillcrest and Dannevirke North) we looked at the challenges these schools have ahead of them during and after the merge.  Below, in no particular order, are our thoughts;

  1. naming the school
  2. deciding on the site
  3. closing the other schools
  4. deciding on uniforms
  5. merging cultures
  6. making new friends 
  7. bullies
  8. new teachers
  9. distance from home to new school
  10. adjusting to a new school
  11. money
  12. reemploying staff
  13. creating mottos
  14. deciding on what resources to keep or get rid of
  15. hiring builders
  16. deciding on logos/emblems
  17. what curriculum to use
  18. class sizes
  19. voting on a BOT
  20. celebrating special days/important events to specific schools
Have you been involved in a merger - school or business?  What challenges did you face or what other challenges do you think these schools are going to come across

Although we were faced with many challenges early on we think our merged school is now terrific!!  We wish these Christchurch schools the best of luck.  

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  1. I too think our merged school is fantastic! I have been involved with a type of merger with it's own challenges... a blended family. Some of the challenges included which house to live in, which school to go to, rules for shared rooms, etc.

    Big challenges with a few bumps along the way. But the end result - fantastic!