Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Should Christchurch get a new stadium

We have looked at the pros and cons of Christchurch getting a new stadium.  We then used the pros and cons to draw a personal opinion on Christchurch getting a new stadium.

                    PROS                                                                   CONS
Wowed                                                    No economic argument for having a stadium
Beautiful                                                  Large investment for peak events that come around very rarely
City benefits by                                       Black holes for massive amounts of public money
$1m for every major event                       Rate payers can't afford them
World class attraction                           
Luxury for a city experiencing hardship  

I think Christchurch should build a stadium but not now.  First they should spend the money on rebuilding residential areas.
I think they should not build a new stadium because Christchurch will be low on money and they wouldn't have any money for the people.
I think they shouldn't rebuild the stadium because there is more stuff to worry about but maybe they should rebuild it in the future.

I don't think they should build a stadium.  They still need to rebuild Christchurch and still have to repair the 25% of houses that still don't have plumbing and power.

I think they should build the stadium but after 95% of the houses are rebuilt.

I think they should recreate the AMI stadium because the Crusaders are the only Super 15 team that doesn't have a home stadium.

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