Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Below are the remaining animations from our first attempt at using I Can Animate.

We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Some of these animations have 123 photos for 10 seconds of movie.  A lot of patience was required!! This is Zair's and Maehe's animation This is Jordan's and Hayden's animation This is Sam and Puke's animation

This is Adam and Josh's animation This is Mayka and Liam's animation

Should Lance Armstrong have his Tour de France Titles Stripped?

Lance Armstrong Should be stripped of his 7 titles because other people have lost their chances to win a title because of him.
Lance Armstrorng should not have his tittles stripped off him because they have no proof that he has done drugs before and they should have caught him earlier.
Yes he should be stripped of his titles because he has taken away other competitors chances at victory by cheating.
Lance Armstrong shouldn't be stripped of his tittles because they don't know how long he's been using the drugs.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Viking Competition

As part of the Viking Market Day to be held in Dannevirke tomorrow education centres in Dannevirke were challenged to decorate a viking. Nythanealle, Daniel and Rania were given the responsibility of decorating the Viking for Huia Range School.

We think they did a great job.  Now we hope that the weather calms down enough for the public to attend market day and so that our Vikings do not blow away.

Experiencing Animation

Today we had our first attempt at animation with the software I Can Animate.  We used the iPads to create these short animation.  We think they are pretty good considering this is our first attempt at animation!!

Below is Jakahn's and Conscious's animation. Below is Jay-dee's and Tyson's animation Keep your eyes open for more animations to come.