Monday, February 18, 2013

What do you dislike most about school and why?

Today we did some writing on a topic that should have been relatively easy for the majority of us.  I know that I had no problem brainstorming my ideas (this surprised many - even teachers have things that they dislike about school!)

Below are some of the more interesting sentences that were written

Ayden wrote;
School is like listening to a story with no punctuation for 6 hours.

Dalvyn wrote;
I hate wearing the school uniform but sadly everyone has to wear it.

Titan wrote;
I hate assembly.  You have to sit and wait and wait for a whole 30 minutes, that is pretty long!

Jacquarne wrote;
I don't like wearing a sun hat.  They fall off too much and they get lost.

We wonder what it is that you dislike most about school and why?

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