Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spin Class

As part of our cross-country training we attended the Activate gym and did spin class. Kelly instructed us and put us through our paces.
huiarangeschool's Spin Class album on Photobucket
Thanks Kelly and the Activate Gym

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ice Skating

The rain put a stop to roller blading on the water front in Wellington, but as luck would have it, it were able to ice-skate. This was a very fun activity that most had never done before. We were lucky enough to have the ice almost to ourselves. The boys preserved until they could skate. They had lots of fun using the seals. As their teacher I was extremely proud at how they helped each other out - learning to ski, picking each other up off the ice, encouraging each other and mixing with each other.
huiarangeschool's Boys Skating album on Photobucket

Adrenalin Forest

Our first visit in Wellington was to Adrenalin Forest. What a great place!! The boys tackled the challenges set and went stage by stage through the trees getting higher at each stage. They encouraged each other, overcome personal test, worked cooperatively to keep the pace steady (no hold ups) and throughly enjoyed themselves.
huiarangeschool's Boys Adrenalin Forest album on Photobucket
Have you ever visited Adrenalin Forest? It would be a great family activity to partake in (they take people from the height of 1meter 30cm). Huia Range School will definitely be returning customers!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wellington, kayaking with Fergs Kayaks

On our trip to Wellington we went kayaking on the sea with Fergs Kayaks
huiarangeschool's Kayaking album on Photobucket
Thanks Amanda and the team at Fergs Kayaks. It may have been cold but we knew we were there for a good time, not a long time!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Te Papa - Earthquakes

While in Wellington we visited Te Papa to learn about earthquakes.  

Earthquakes happen when tectonic plates collide with each other.  We put together a jigsaw that showed the tectonic plates

The Pacific plate is the largest plate

Japan receives the most amount of earthquakes 

Do you know how many earthquakes New Zealand receives a year?


On Friday we returned from an overnight trip to Wellington.  We left on Thursday at 7am heading for Adrenalin Forest.  From there we went to Silverstream Golf Range and onto Silverstream Retreat.  To finish off Thursday we went to H2O Xtream.  Friday saw us take a train ride into Wellington, a visit to Te Papa, ice skating, kayaking and ten-pin bowling before we arrived home at 9.30pm.

Below are some pics from Adam, Jacquarne and Jakahn.



Today in the Life Ed we learnt that nicotine, marijuana and alcohol are the three most abused drugs.

Marijuana is ten times worse than nicotine.  Cigarettes have four thousand chemicals in them with the three main chemicals tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine.

Marjiana in illegal but alchol and nicotine are legal.

A, B & C drugs are illegal.  If alchol was first introduced to society now it would be considered a class B drug therefore being illegal.

It takes one hour for the liver to process a standard drink of alchol

Marijuana has 40 different names

If you smoke your lungs turn black and fill with tar

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Body System

A body system is a group body parts that work together.  There are four main body systems that help keep us alive

There are 10 body systems in total

There are 206 bones in the body, however babies have more bones in their skulls
There are 653 muscle
The gluteus maximus (bottom) is the biggest
The tongue is the wigglest
The eyelides are the quickest
The heart is the strongest   

Each body part copes with stress in a different way
The heart beats faster
The lungs can become diseased
The small intestine can twist
The kidney's will not work as intended

The liver does 500 jobs, with the most important making sure no poisons enter the blood

How do you cope with stress?
Do you know what
the definition of drugs is or what the three most abused drugs in New Zealand are?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sun Facts

As part of the upcoming Science Week we have been reading about the Sun and its importance to earth and its inhabitants.    Below is Jayden's Page Send document displaying facts about the sun.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Body Balance

Today we had our first visit to the Life Educational bus.  Kirsty spoke to us about keeping a balance in our lives.  Much of the focus today was on the brain.

We know that we have essential needs
  • shelter
  • water
  • oxygen
  • hygiene
  • food
  • feelings
  • sleep
  • exercise

We learnt that the brain:
  • weights 1.5kg
  • 70 000 thoughts a day
  • 3 parts to the brain
  • don't always know that we are having thoughts (they happen automatically)
  • it makes connections - the more we do things the stronger the connections
  • smarter than any computer
  • sends messages to the nerves
  • left side of the brain controls the right side of the body
  • right side of the brain controls the left side of the body
  • connections we don't use very often get deleted
  • looks like a cauliflower

We now know that stress is when we make the brain work harder than it normally has to.  
Stress can be positive or negative

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cross-Country Fitness Training

We did circuit training in the Activate Gym today.  After going round the circuit twice, Huia set a challenge - to see how long we could swat against the wall as though we were sitting on a chair.

When Josh and Zamaya past 2 minutes Huia made the challenge more difficult.  First having us lift our hands up above our heads and then holding them out in front of us.

Josh won the challenge in 2 mins 45 seconds

Tomorrow we are doing RPM (spin bikes) with Kelly.  Can't wait till we visit Activate Gym again - Thanks Erana & Huia