Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Body System

A body system is a group body parts that work together.  There are four main body systems that help keep us alive

There are 10 body systems in total

There are 206 bones in the body, however babies have more bones in their skulls
There are 653 muscle
The gluteus maximus (bottom) is the biggest
The tongue is the wigglest
The eyelides are the quickest
The heart is the strongest   

Each body part copes with stress in a different way
The heart beats faster
The lungs can become diseased
The small intestine can twist
The kidney's will not work as intended

The liver does 500 jobs, with the most important making sure no poisons enter the blood

How do you cope with stress?
Do you know what
the definition of drugs is or what the three most abused drugs in New Zealand are?

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