Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fire Breaks

Last week we did a lot of work on the Great Fire of London.  An obvious trend from all the work we did was that we had no idea what a fire break was.  The clip below should help to provide some knowledge on creating fire breaks and their purpose.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Find One Quarter When The Shape Grows

Having found 1/4 with a shape that stays the same size we then challenged ourselves to find a quarter of different sized shapes


How Many Ways Can We Find One Quarter?

We had practice making one half with the following website game Thirteen Ways To Make 1/2

The next challenge was to make 1/4 as many different ways as we could



 How many ways could you make 1/4 using a 4x4 square.  Maehe found 34 different ways!

The Great Fire Of London 1666

The task was to create a comic strip that showed the 1666 fire of London beginning, spreading and ending.




Which comic strip do you think best illustrates or explains how the fire began, spread and ended?


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Motivational Posters

A few more motivational posters to share with you

The Great Fire London

I had read about the Great Fire of London and then use PicCollage to show what the houses were like before the fire and after the fire.

By James

Gotta Love Maths

Not that my class dislike math,  in fact possibly quite the opposite - they often ask to do more math than any other subject - we enjoy the challenge of math, but I did particularly like the following poster


Escaping The Great Fire of London

I used the app bubble to Express what people would have said as they fled the great fire of London.

by Jakahn.