Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Corrugated Iron

After having made small cardboard templates of the Huia bird and then making them fit on to a piece of corrugated cardboard 1m x 800mm, we today drew the templates onto a 1m x 800mm sheet of corrugated iron.

In groups we went down to Graham's (caretaker) workshop (it was really wet in Dannevirke today), put on a pair of safety glasses, gloves and ear plugs, and set to work using a nibbler to cut out our Huia birds.  Graham was able to help us with the finer points on how to use a nibbler and soon we were professionals with it.

Adam & Jayden

Jakahn & Brayden

Zamaya & Maehe

Soul & Emmanuel

Soul & Max

Emmanuel, Soul & Max

Titan, Mayka, Graham & Nathan

Graham & Liam


Conscious & Dalvyn


Graham, Nathan & Mayka

Conscious & Graham

Purir & Jayden

Stay posted to see the next process in the construction of our corrugated Huia Birds!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Calvin & Hobbes Comic Fill-in

Anna enjoys reading the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip each morning before coming to school and today she brought this mornings strip in to share with us, expect there was a twist.  We had to make the speech for one of the frames.

Here is the strip with the speech bubble to be completed.

Here are our thoughts on what could have gone in the speech bubble.

What would you have written?

This is what the actual strip said: