Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Corrugated Iron

After having made small cardboard templates of the Huia bird and then making them fit on to a piece of corrugated cardboard 1m x 800mm, we today drew the templates onto a 1m x 800mm sheet of corrugated iron.

In groups we went down to Graham's (caretaker) workshop (it was really wet in Dannevirke today), put on a pair of safety glasses, gloves and ear plugs, and set to work using a nibbler to cut out our Huia birds.  Graham was able to help us with the finer points on how to use a nibbler and soon we were professionals with it.

Adam & Jayden

Jakahn & Brayden

Zamaya & Maehe

Soul & Emmanuel

Soul & Max

Emmanuel, Soul & Max

Titan, Mayka, Graham & Nathan

Graham & Liam


Conscious & Dalvyn


Graham, Nathan & Mayka

Conscious & Graham

Purir & Jayden

Stay posted to see the next process in the construction of our corrugated Huia Birds!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that looks like fun. I wanna know how to cut corrugated iron to build a wood shed this holidays! I might have to come down and have a look at the next stage!
    Mr Evans.