Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What Do Readers Read?

We had a challenge today:
to think of all the different things readers read

Fiction                               Quiz
Science fiction                   Cards
Historical fiction                Explanations
Non-fiction                        Text Books
Letters                                Journals
Biography                          Postings
Auto-biography                  Names
Magazines                          Titles
Reviews                              Lists
Newspapers                        Puzzle Books
Dictionary's                        Prices
E-Mail                                Sport Books
Notifications                       Children's books
Internet                                Novel
Wikipedia                            Horror
Labels                                  Poems
Speeches                             Compasses
Comedy's                            Romance
Chapter books                     Myths & Legends
Comics                                Clocks                   Billboards                            Statistics                                 Brochures                            Picture books
Guides                                 Posters
Children's books                  Internet
Wikipedia                            Labels
Speeches                              Chapter books
Comics                                Comedy's               Romance                              Poems
Horror                                  Faxes
Novel                                   Recipes  Instructions                          Book series
Telephone book                   Encyclopedia entries
Text messages                      Maps
Pamphlets                            Signs

Can you think of anything else we might read?

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