Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chemical or Physical Change

Today we started a science unit where we are going to look at chemical and physical changes.  At the moment we do not know the differences between a physical and chemical change.

Do you know the difference between a chemical and physical change?

Snail Trail

Today for maths we looked at problem solving involving time and measurement.  To solve our problem we drew pictures, acted it out, guessed and checked and created tables. 

Our problem: Snail Trail 

To solve this problem we draw the well 11 metres high, we acted out the snail go up the well, resting and slipping back down,

Dylan & Siah

Zamaya & Liam

... we created tables to provide evidence of our problem solving

Zane, Ryan & Emmanuel

Henry, Jed & Jacquarne
... and then we guessed and checked some other lengths the snail could have climbed and the time he spent resting