Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Matt Elliot - Warrior's Coach Resigns

We looked at an article written when the Warriors coach Matt Elliot resigned. The resignation appeared to be a reaction to a dreadful game the Warriors played and lost against the Sharks 37-6.

Elliot resigns as Warriors coach 
April 8, 2014

Matt Elliott has resigned as the coach of the New Zealand Warriors. His announcement comes after his sides 37-6 defeat to the Sharks on Saturday. Elliot has yet to comment fully and the Warriors club has announced that he will be replaced by assistant coach Andrew McFadden until the end of the 2014 season. Elliott coached the Warriors for 29 games, winning 13 with 16 defeats. The team had had a mixed start to 2014 with two wins from their opening five games. However, the three defeats were all big loses against some of the weaker sides in the competition.


Matt Elliot has resigned as coach of the warriors after a 36-7 loss to the sharks.
my opinion
*I think both the coach and the players should take the blame when their team lose because they are a team.
*I don't think players should be able to sack their coach because when a team loses the players are to blame as well and they don't assign coaches.
*I think sacking coach Matt Elliot was an over reaction as the seasons not over yet which means there Is time to improve.

... and Elyjah:

Matt Elliot has got sacked as Warriors coach. I reckon that it’s the team responsibility for wining or losing. Like 60% team and 40% coaching.
My opinion for players sacking the coach is pretty rats. The Warriors should give him another chance. Because it’s basically the start of the session anyway. The 37-6 lose to the Sharks is pretty useless from the Warriors. They just had a shocking game.
I reckon that was a little bit of a over reaction for sacking the coach because the Warriors don’t want to get blamed for losing.  The Warriors have been there before and haven’t sacked the coach. So I reckon that’s not fair.

What are your thoughts on Matt Elliots resignation?

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