Thursday, May 15, 2014

Homeless Man Gets A Break


We watched this incredibly powerful video clip about one man helping another less fortunate person.
The original story was on Kiwi Kids News titled good smaritan

A Good Samaritan

May 12, 2014 A Good Samaritan, known on YouTube as MagicofRahat, has once again changed the life of homeless man, Eric.

A previous YouTube video from MagicofRahat went viral after the young prankster surprised homeless man, Eric, by buying him a lottery ticket.

It had been previously arranged with a local store that the man receive $1000 from the ticket.
Many of the people who saw the video were touched by the man’s reaction as he tried to share his winnings with his new friend.

Fans that were touched by the video began to send money to the Youtube star to further help Eric.
I just 17 days, $44,000 had been raised. MagicofRahat used the money to rent Eric a house for a year, decked it out with new furniture, and have put the rest of the money in an account for Eric.

After reading the text we watched two of the clips - one where the homeless man won the lottery ...

... and then a second video where the homeless man is given a house

We then thought about ourselves and the human race.  These are some of our thoughts. 

Emmanuel thought;
I think that MagicofRahat helped the homeless man because he heard how nice and polite the man was and he decided to make a change.  MagicofRahat showed many values such as Manners, kindness, sharing, caring, helpfulness, friendliness.  If I was to help a homeless man I would give him $10 dollars for him to buy some food.  I feel touched at how the Good Samaritan help the homeless man by giving him a house and money and all the other luxuries that we have with our families.

Josh thought:
1.  The man who helped the homeless man named Erik most likely just wanted to do a good deed or he just felt bad for the homeless man asking for money.
2.  I think the values that the man that helped that homeless guy is he has a value of sharing and has a very kind heart for people that have no money.
3.  If I was an adult and had a lot of money I would probably buy the man a couple of lotto tickets so that the homeless guy would have a chance of getting a bit of money and if he got nothing I would give him some of my money.
4.  The video that we watched made me feel that some people care about people that have no money and want to help and others don’t want to help because if they give the homeless guy some money he’ll go and buy some drugs.

Pearce thought:
I think that MagicofRahat helped Eric (the homeless man) because Eric was kind.( if he wasn’t kind then MagicofRahat probably wouldn’t had help him) and Eric didn’t have a home.
MagicofRahat demonstrated the values of kindness and sharing.
If we (my family) walk past a homeless person on the streets we usually give them a couple of dollars.
I think (after watching the video) that some humans are kinder than others and most homeless people are very grateful.

Liam thought:
I think the Homeless man was helped because magicofRahat was told that the Homeless man was a good guy and magicofRahat is a very kind person.
The most I would probably donate to a Homeless person would be $100 to a charity dedicated to helping the homeless.
The values that this act demonstrates are caring helpfulness and sharing not to mention selflessness.
This Video makes me feel like the human race does have some kindness left to share and makes me proud to be human.
Max thought:
I think that MagicofRahat helped Eric by giving him a thousand dollars, then a house and fundraising $44,000 because Eric deserved a second chance in life because Eric is a nice guy that won’t waste the money.
And the values that Eric show are sharing, kindness, friendship and now happiness.
And the values that MagicofRahat show is kindness, the ability to see the good in anybody and to keep helping Eric over time instead of just once.
My family wouldn’t give a homeless person money we would give them fruit and cooked meat to eat because if we give them money they might go and get alcohol instead of food
And I also think that more people should be like MagicofRahat and Eric I’m not saying there should be more homeless people but personality wise there should be more people like them
What would you do for a homeless man?

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