Friday, August 22, 2014

Versatlie Bricks

Another of Thursday's Thinking Tasks was to make a list of all the things that could be done with bricks.  Here are a view images that I found people had done with bricks.

Siah thinks you can build heaps of things with bricks like;
A house
A pool
A pool table
A barbecue
A chimney
A walkway
A tomb
Disney world
The Great Wall of China
Outdoor area
A fish tank

Zamaya's thoughts;
Pot planes
Skate parks

What Mothers Say

Well one of this weeks Thursday Thinking Tasks was to make a list of things that mothers say.  I wonder how many of the things this Mum says that you identified in your own lists.

This is what Ayden knows Mums say;
  • clean the dishes
  • have breakfast
  • go to bed
  • eat your tea
  • go to school
  • wake up
  • clean your room
  • get the mail
  • put your washing away
  • did you eat all your lunch? 
Emmanuel knows Mums say;
  • “do your dishes” 
  • “make your lunch” 
  • “make your bed” 
  • “do your hair”
  •  “remember your stuff” 
  • “how’s school?” 
  • “get up” 
  • “go to bed” 
  • “put your shoes on” 
  •  “get to school” 
Dylan knows Mums say;
  • who’s on dishes, 
  • clean the room, 
  • hurry up, 
  • get ready for school,
  • don’t use all the hot water, 
  • be safe, 
  • have a shower, 
  • get up, bye, 
  • love you, 
  •  good night 
Josh's Mum says;
  • ” do the wood”
  • ” do your homework
  • ” mow the lawns ”
  • ” clean your room”
  • ” have a shower”
  • ” get out of the ”
  • ” don’t crash your motorbike ”
  • ” i love you ”
  • ” goodnight”
  • ” hello”
Elyjah's Mum says;
  • “Oi go and do the dishes”!!! 
  • “Do your homework”!!! 
  • “Clean your room!!!”. 
  • "You're funny ” 
  • "I love you “
Thomas's Mum says;
  • Home at 5:00
  • Clean up the house
  • Do your homework
  • Stack the wood up
  • Get ready for school
  • Clean your room
  • Clean the dog poo
  • Nice game
  • Don't be naughty
  • Eat your greens
  • Eat your veggies

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Thinking

Today we were given a variety of thinking challenges.  Most of us tried our hand at animation.  For most of us we were first timers!  View and enjoy

Elyjah and Emmanuel decided to make an animation based on our production Move It.  Their clip has the potential to be great and I am sure they will get their characters more in the frame next time they make an animation.
Move It

Brayden and Hamuera have also made a great first attempt at animation.  Their title probably doesn't match their animation however it gives them something to work on next time.
Maori Legend

Siah and Xia had a go at an animation also and will need to think about their characters and their placement in the frames.
T-Rex Attack