Thursday, February 26, 2015

Go-By-Bike Day Reflection

Today while we ate ice-blocks (a treat for a job well done yesterday) we reflected on how well the event was run yesterday.

What went well?

  •  one good thing was that most people were happy and enthusiastic about the events and activities
  • the number of children who participated. There were 105 kids who bought their bikes and 20 who bought their scooters
  • the round-about, it felt like you were on the road and you were able to practice hand signals
  • the best thing on go by bike day was bringing a bike
  • the amount of children wearing a helmet and having a big smile on their face
  • it was set up during lunchtime
  • The roundabout was a big success because it was educational for kids who bike without knowing the signals

What didn't go so well?
  •  the rotating, instead of going to an empty spot the organisers should number them and go in a circle
  • the group sizing was not great

What will we improve on?

  • The thing that I think needs to be improved on is that the levels/difficulty for the different aged kids at the different stations
  • The important thing to add to go by bike day is more events and they are numbed so people could find were to go next
  • is the amount of kids that came over at one time
  • get less time at the activities to do more activities
  • the actives needed numbering and more time on each activities and more activities
  • next time we run an event we could ask for more parental help

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