Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kiwiana Ply Wood Cut Outs

With our 10th birthday celebration looming we have been engaged in Kiwiana art.  We had to decide on a piece of Kiwiana that we would like to draw.  We then drew our choice, transferring this to a large piece of cardboard.  From here we made our cardboard drawings into stencils using craft knifes.

Elyjah cutting out his cardboard to make a stencil
We used these stencils to draw our Kiwiana art onto plywood.

The power tools then came into play.  We used a drill to make holes so ...
Manaaki & Jed

Eljyah & Dylan
 ... we could use the jigsaw to cut out our drawing.

Jed & Manaaki
A quick sandpaper and our art work is going to be reading to paint.

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