Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ross Shield Capping

Congratulations to Orin Baker, Alec Baker & Graiden Hauiti for making the 2016 Dannevirke Ross Shield Rugby Representative team to compete at this year's tournament in Dannevirke.

The tournament is from Tuesday 27 - Saturday 1 October.  The Dannevirke team will play Wairoa, Napier, Hastings East, Hastings West & Central Hawkes Bay.

Orin, Alec & Graiden

Best of luck for a great tournament boys.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


We have been involved in a swim-to-survive programme at our local pool.  The boys have done contact tows, using poles & ropes for rescuing, treading water & swimming while fully clothed (not at all easy!)

Samuel doing the saving

Tama doing the saving

Te Manaia being saved

Shaylim saving Te Whetu

Tobie pulling Dylan from the pool
We learnt that it is very important to be low when saving someone from the land so we don't get pulled into the water.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Connect Four Fitness

We combined the game of Connect Four with our fitness this morning.  Heaps of fun & fitness!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Successful Student

 Our own Cortez competing at the Masterton Golden Shares this morning!

Shearing Sports New Zealand
An 11-year-old Dannevirke schoolboy has taken the limelight on the opening morning of the 56th Golden Shears which opened in Masterton today.  Cortez competed in the third heat of the opening event, the Novice woolhandling.  

The youngster, a pupil at Huia Range School in Dannevirke and who turned 11 on December 12, is one of more than 400 shearers, woolhandlers and woolpressers who will compete over the three days of the “Goldies” or the “Shears”, as they are known among competitors and officials.
Because of his age he was an immediate focus of attention soon after the Shears kicked-off at 7.45am. 

It was his first full-wool competition, the first where he could test his skills throwing the fleece onto the table, as opposed to the second-shear and lambshearing stage of the season where the shorter wool is sorted and separated on the shearing board.
His own assessment: “Alright.”

Event over, the wait started as Cortez waited through other heats to see if he would qualify for the final in the afternoon, for the first of 19 titles to be decided at this year’s Golden Shears.  Cortez Ostler was 10th, missing the cut for the semi-final by two places.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Leadership Camp

We have returned from a successful Year 8 leadership camp, held at Akitio.  The Akitio Community Centre is a fantastic resource for the community and only 80minutes from our rural town of Dannevirke.

This years Year 8's had a fantastic attitude towards camp and they mostly all gave all the activities 100%.  I was super impressed with how they worked together in the afternooons to solve the team building problems and on the whole got along with one another (as expected there were a couple of exceptions to this).

There are some real leaders in this group and I look forward to developing these skills further and building on those who are still to mature and recognise their leadership potential.

Below are a few pics of our week at Akitio



Arapata & Manaaki


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Auckland 9's Investigation

First week back at school and we have been involved in an investigation based around the Auckland 9's this weekend. We used previous & current results & rankings to make predictions about who would play in the finals of the 2016 Auckland 9's. Below are some of our predictions & why

Tamati thinks; The Rabbitohs will be in the finals because of their win last year and they will play the Sharks who have played in both a final & a semi final previously.

Daniel & Jaden think, The Broncos will play the Cowboys. The Broncos have two runner ups to their names, one for the 9's in 2014 & one for the Premiership in 2015, while the Cowboys won the 9's in 2014 & the Premiership in 2015.

Cortez thinks, the Warriors will play the Rabbithos. The Rabbitohs won the Auckland 9's in 2015 & the Warriors are his local favourites (probably not based on past results, more loyalty!)

Samuel has the Rabbitohs in the final because they wond the 2015 tournament. The Rabbitohs will play the Cowboys because they wond the 2014 tournament & the 2015 Premiership.

Chisora thinks; The Rabbitohs will play the Cowboys because both teams have won the 9's tournament previsiouly & the Cowboys also won the 2015 Premiership.

Aaron thinks; The Rabbitohs will play the Cowboys. He has them playing ion the final instead of the Warriors & Broncos because both the Rabbitohs & Cowboys have won the tournament previously.

Manaaki thinks: The Rabbitohs & the Cowboys will play in the final because they have won a tournament each and the Cowboys won the 2015 Premiership. He is leaning towards the Rabbitohs winning the tournament because in the last 2 tournaments they have won 5 of the 6 pool games.

Anna thinks: The Rabbitohs will play the Cowboys in the final. I have the Rabbitohs in the final because they won last year & they should win their quarter finals. I have the Cowboys in the finals ahead of the Warriors because the Warriors have never played in the final of this tournament. But go the Warriors!!

So what are your predictions? Lets hope we are celebrating a Warriors win (although the statistics don't suggest this will be the case). Anything is possible though!!