Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day Mums!

Happy Mother's Day Mums!

The boys wrote great metaphor poems for you all on Thursday.  Hope you all received them (sorry the art didn't turn out quite as I had hoped!). Some of my more favourite lines were;

My Mum is an astronaut; she will go to the moon and back for me

My Mum is a lion; filled with courage
My Mum is a bowl of sugar; sweet
My Mum is a river; Coll and calming
My Mum iOS a crocodile; snapping at me when I forget my chores!
My Mum is a fairy; granting me my every wish
My Mum is a grenade; she is the bomb!
My Mum is a jewel; precious to me
My Mum is an angel; forgiving my wrong doings!

And there were many more great lines!

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