Fabulous Writing

Kamai Ranges Air Crash 

Soul Dyer

Kamai Ranges Air Crash


Major explosion
Airplane flight 441

Auckland take-off
Incredible crash
Rough terrain
Roaring winds
A terrible tragedy
Failing to ascend 
Tough day

Destroyed aircraft
Instruments not high tech
Search was done on foot
A twin engine DC3
Stormy day
Tauranga was destiny
Rainy winters day

The Earthquake in Chile

By Josh

9.5 on the richter scale
building groaning and creaking
streets cracking
glass shattering 
power line wires snapping
people screaming
pipes bursting

buildings on  fire 
rescuers looking for survivors
cars destroyed
dead bodies littering the streets
children crying
sirens blaring
terror in the hearts of everyone

Landslides starting
rumbling,destroying homes
miles upon miles of stinking mud 
cows huddled mooing with fear
the ground sliding beneath them 
slippery like ice

Aftershock spreading to aftershock
families entering their broken homes
people hurrying to shelters
shake after shake
quake after quake
When is it going to end?

My Dream Car

By Jakahn Lilo-Maru

20 February 2013

My dream car would have tinted windows so if I forget to put my seat belt on I wouldn't get pulled up.  I love hydraulics because it looks cool and awesome.

My wheels would have mags like spinning ones so when I stop they will still be spinning.   Now that will just blow me away.

I would listen to music on my iPod and grab the aux cord so it could connect to the car so I don't get bored when I travel somewhere.

And I would give my car the good look and let little kids say, "Ossh, that looks awesome. I wish I could have that car."

My dream car is called a nissan 350Z.  It changes color and it has blue hub caps and that's my dream car.

A Narrative 

On The Run

By Jordan Hardie

15 November 2012

I heard sirens blaring and the sound of angry voices my feet pounding hard on the side path once again I was on the run.

I thought the cops were no mach for me I had done this before I always escape but then I suppose all good things must come to an end and as I rounded the corner of the ally way  I saw three dark silhouettes followed by three sparking blue lights, there was a serving pain pulsing through my body I was falling trying to stop myself but there was nothing I could do as my fission blurred and every thing went black.

When I awoke I was in a court room people were talking about me but I didn't care, eye witness were blabbering on, murderer, thief, criminal these words meant nothing to me. Hours past in the blink of an eye. my defense loyer tried to stand up for me but I new it wouldn't work the jury would have already made up their minds, they knew who I was, they knew way I had done.

More hours past and finally the Juge asked the juries opinion a man stood up and announced the juries decision I was sentenced to death by the electric chair.

The day had come a police officer knocked on my cell door and told me to follow him. The walk to the room were I would meet my death felt like it lasted an eternity I remember how the other prisioners lent through their cell bars laughing and jeering at me Then I was pushed down onto the electric chair and dispite myself  as wires and a wet sponge were strapped onto my head I was sweating like crazy. I watched as the exacuter walked over to a big switch on the wall and pulled it slowly down I felt he did this just to spite me and once again I felt the all to familiar unbearable pulsing pain coercing through my body and then ...nothing 

Letters from Galipolli

28 april 1915

dear mum and dad

I want to join the army so i can fight for my country and help innocent people Mum i am lying about my age and I want you to put my age as 21 years old.you will be worried about me while I am away but i will make you proud.I,ll be back before christmas I will write regularly to you.mum and dad you are the love of my life i will miss you heaps I can't wait till christmas

love Jakahn.

My owner shoves his sock covered feet into me.  I'wondering where he will take me today?  Ouch! I get put on boiling hot tar-seal.  I look around and see

 lots of tyres and then I remember it's the parking lot of the plaza.  I love going there because I see lots of different shoes and it always smells of nice food.  

As my owner takes me through the front entrance it hits me, the cool relieving lino on the bottom of my soles.  I see lots of shoes walking past and sitting on the shelves in shop windows, waiting to be bought.  He turned and walked over to the shoe shop and started staring at a pair of shoes.

While I was staring at all the other shoes I started worrying if my owner was going to throw me out and buy new shoes.

Below are the different endings we have individually written to Daniels story.

... Flicking me off his feet like I was nothing to him.  Dying to try on those flash new Nike High Top shoes.  They were as shiny as sparkling diamonds.  I was starting to get nervous.  Lucky for me the Nike's were as dear as gold.


... The shoes were dazzling and shiny, as white as snow.  My owner walks into the shop.  I gulp as he tries them on and I swallow back my fear.  Will he buy the nikes?  Will I be chucked away?

As my owner sticks the shoes back on the shelf he asks the person at the counter how much the wonderful nikes are.  The person at the counter says, "They're one of a kind, they are.  It'll cost $200 for them."  I've never heard of such an expensive price for one pair of shoes.  My owner says he will think about it.

I am very jealous as we walk out of the shop.  I can't think of what to do to stop my owner from buying those shoes.  My owner walks back into the shop.  I glance at the shelves, but the nikes aren't there.  My owners asks where the nikes are?  I am hoping that they are gone.  It turns out someone else bought them.  My owner looks sober, but I am happy.


... He walked inside now and went over to the shoes.  He stood there staring at them now.  I'm really nervous.  He grabs them and walks over and sits on a chair.  This is it I'm thinking to myself as my owner takes me off and puts on the shoes.  I give up all hope because the shoes are nikes with black leather and a red and blue tick.  My owner looked like he really like them.  He tied the laces, stood up and walked around but when he was coming towards me he tripped over me.


... Bill walks through the entrance, still staring at the shoes.  He sits down with the shoes in his hands.  He rips me off his feet throwing me ton one side.  I stare at the shoes he's putting on.  They're sparkling red mitre shoes, much cleaner than me.  "They're a perfect fit," he yells.

As we exit the plaza with his new shoes on I flop with disappointment in his hands.

We get out of the car at home and Bill walks towards the deck steps.  As he walks up the first deck step I see a loose nail.  He trips on it and it rips his new shoes at the front.  Tear drops dripped from his face soaking the new shoes. 


... He puts his face right up against the window where the shoes are sitting.  Now I was close enough to see the brand.  They were the newest, shiniest and cleanest Nike Hightops I had ever seen.

Just then as I thought my owner was walking away from the shop he turned into the door, sat down on a seat, kicked me off and tried on the Nikes.  I could see the Nikes grinning back at me and how comfortable my owner was in them and they were a size bigger than me.  If I could I would strangle my owner and the Nikes with my shoe laces.


I'm still locked in the closet.  I wonder when I am ever getting out?  I see the door move.  Ahh the light.  She reaches down and grabs the shoes next to me.  I was that close to getting out of here, then I realise that wasn't my owner.  

As I hear my owner talking to his brother I get myself ready to go.  When he puts his feet into me I straight away black out because of his stench.  

I wake up feeling weary and confused.  I see an entrance to some store.  When we enter I feel the soft snug carpet that feels divine.    


I lay there dusty and dry on the shoe shelf waiting to get worn.  I hear footsteps slowly creeping louder and louder towards me. I hope todays my lucky day and i finally get worn. Sam reaches out at me, picking me up by the laces. He drops me hard on the floor, throwing all the dust of me.

My owner wears me to the golf course. He sets me up on the tee. He swings back onto his left foot and hits the ball at rocket speed, leaving a loud banging sound. It was the 15th hole and Sam was going great but after the hole he slipped on the steep sea shell pathway. It shaved skin off his knee and left blood all over me.


Can you imagine

Rugby without a ball
Ref with a good call
Rugby ball without air
Crowd without hair
Crowd without hoots 
Players without boots
Players without shorts
Ref with reports
Scrum without a prop
Backs with a pop
Rugby game without run 
A rugby game with fun
Rugby team without a name 
Rugby team without their game


Ref without a whistle
Playing field without thistles
Rugby without a ball
Tackle with a maul
Chip without air
Player without fear
Player without shorts
Ref without thoughts
Crowd without yells
Players without fouls        
Field without teams
Crowd without being seen
By Puke

Imagine if...

Goals without a net 
Winning with a bet
Games without cards 
Goalies with mouth guards
Strikers without speed
Refs with good deed
Whistles without a pea
Locker without a key 
Bus without a seat
Sausage made without meat
Nets without goals
Felids with holes 
Game without a ball
A slide tackle with a maul
By Sam J

Rugby without a ball
Ref without a call
Teams without luck
League without ruck
A game without Hayne 
Players with no pain
Rugby without a ball
Tackle with a mall
Ref without a whistle
Playing field with thistles

by Zafar

Rugby team without a name
Rugby with a game
Players with no ball
Ref says close call

Rugby players with run 
Rugby fans have lots of fun
Scrum with no lock
Ref checks his clock
Rugby field without no rain
Rugby players without pain

By Nythanealle

Imagine if
Players without boots                  
A crowd with hoots
Rugby without a ball
Tackles without a maul                        
Refs without clothes 
Sonny Bill with a broken nose
Boots without socks
Scrums without locks
Feilds without lights
Games with fights
Teams without locks 
Crowds with rocks
Refs without cards
Players with out mouth guards 
By Hayden

Ref without a whistle
Playing fields with thistles 
Player with boots

Crowd with a hoot
Boots with soles
Jersey without holes
Ref without cards
Player’s without mouthguard’s 
By Cole

Rugby without a ball 
Tackles without a maul
Player without boots
Crowds without hoots
Players without socks
Ref with chicken pox
Teams without locks
Crowds without rocks
Players with broken legs
Ref without pegs
Players without jerseys
Ref without mercy
By Aaron

Wellington 5 & 6 September

Recently we went on an overnight trip to Wellington.  We visited the Southward car museum, went sailing with Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club Sailing Academy, stayed the night at the Wellington Zoo, visited the Supreme Court, went on a train ride out to Johnsonville and back, rode up the cable car, had lunch in the park at the top and came back down on the cable car before finishing up at Capital E!

We took many photographs which we have edited and added six word stories to.  Below are our examples and you can read more on our front page.

Letters To The Editor
We have looked at the price of the new All Black jersey and written to editors of various magazines - Small Blacks and Up Start.  Incase our letters don't get published in these magazines we have published them for your reading.  Corey was the only one of us to support Adidas and the high price while the rest of us were against Adidas's supposedly fair and reasonable price.

Dear Editor

I believe the All Black jersey is priced fairly.  It will give Adidas more money to carry out research and invent new tops for the All Blacks.

I think the replica tops from overseas should be cheaper than the New Zealand sold tops because the overseas tops might have flaws in them.

I also believe the jersey should be expensive because it's unique and not everyone should have one.

Greg Kerr says the company is sorry for the distraction abut also says the price is fair and reasonable and I agree with him.

Do you really think the price is unreasonable?  I know the jersey is only $8 to make but at least you have a choice to walk in to a shop and buy one straight off the shelf or buy it online.

That's why I think Adidas is doing the right thing by keeping up the price of the jersey.  At least people have a choice to make.

Yours sincerely

Dear Editor

In my opinion I believe that the All Black jersey's are too dear for us New Zealanders.

I know that my family would not pay the high price for an All Blacks jersey.

Apparently it only costs $8 to make it.  I believe that the All Black jerseys are good quality but they are too expensive.  Why can't Adidas make more so they don't have to charge us so much money.

I think that Adidas think that we can go and pick money of a money tree.

Yours sincerely

Dear Editor

I don't believe that Adidas should make the All Black jersey for $8 and sell it for $200.  It is a rip off to New Zealand citizens when the jersey is only $95 in the USA.  It is a joke.

I wish Adidas would just put down the price of the All Black's replica jersey so the distraction would go away and we can focus on the Rugby World Cup 2011.

People are blacking out the logo of Adidas.  I mean come on.  People on Close Up apologised but they didn't put down the price.  Adidas deserves everything that is coming to them.

The All Blacks replica jersey is almost part of our DNA.  New Zealand is not the richest country so why are Adidas picking on us?  It's our countries jersey.

Yours sincerely

Dear Editor

In my opinion no one but a complete idiot would believe that the All Blacks replica jersey is not overpriced.

According to Greg Kerr Adidas's price is fair and reasonable.  Two hundred dollars s a lot of money to show your support for the AB;s new jersey when it only costs $8 to make one.

Until now I had not really thought about how convenient it is to walk into a shop and buy the jersey off the shelf and fit it for the correct size straight away.  Most fans are buying their jersey overseas because it is cheaper.

Adidas says we have choices.  Just think how much easier it is to walk into a shop, try the jersey on and check for flaws  than to buy the jersey online for $100 and then wait 2 weeks to find out it is the wrong size.

I think that if Adidas really supports the All Blacks then they should lower the price and stop trying to make a quick buck.

Yours sincerely

To The Editor

I strongly believe that the new All Black replica jersey is overpriced.

Some All Black fans can't afford to walk into a shop and buy it.  It should be much easier to let fans buy it for a lower price.

Another reason I think lowering the jersey price is important is because one day I saw a guy walking down a street and he had an All Black jersey on and I couldn't see the Adidas logo.  It was duck taped.  Now that just say's that Kiwi's have no respect for Adidas and they was gain the respect if they lower the price.

Just what would happen to Adidas if fans are against Adidas?  Adidas would go crazy low on customers.  Also they will have no money to make the replica jerseys.  If All Black Brad Thorn's jersey rips there will not be enough money in Adidas to buy the fabric for a new jersey.

Is Greg Kerr actually joking when  he say's the jersey price is reasonable? I as many New Zealanders think Adidas should put the price down.

Yours sincerely

To The Editor

It's in my opinion that the New Zealand replica All Black jersey is over priced because most people can't afford it.

I think that Adidas should drop the price in New Zealand so people can buy it easily and they can show their support for the All Black world cup campaign.  It should cost less in New Zealand than the USA.

Just think about how much easier it is to lower the price than leave it at over $200.  If it is over $200 less people will buy it and Adidas will get less money.  If Adidas lower the price then more people will buy it and they will get more money.  If New Zealand people wear a black tee-shirt they aren't supporting the All Blacks new jersey.

Until now I had not really thought about how expensive the All replica jersey is.  It should be lowered down to about $100 not $200 when it is only $8 to make.

Yours sincerely

To The Editor

I think that the new All Blacks jersey is over priced.  I believe that the All Blacks jersey should be the same price in all countries, although  I want to see the All Black jersey cheaper in New Zealand.

According to Adidas's Greg Kerr Adidas are not joking when they say the price is fair and reasonable because they will not lower the price in New Zealand.  George Kerr said, "At least people have a choice."  But do they?

With the jersey being cheaper to buy overseas people are not spending their money in New Zealand.  New Zealand shops therefore are not getting the customers.

If people want an All Black replica jersey for a low price but don't trust buying over the internet they can't show their support unless they spend twice as much money in New Zealand.

Adidas shouldn't have temporarily blocked two overseas websites selling cheap All Black replica jerseys.

Yours sincerely